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An organization’s people are always in motion. Workplace transitions in one form another—happen all the time. People…

• Onboard!

• Offboard—Retire!

• Make career changes

• Depart the organization with little notice (it happens…)

• Are promoted

• Transfer locations!

• Take leaves of absence!

• Complete work on programs and projects

• Onboard to new assignments

• Move through milestones along a career path

Because people are always in motion, so is the knowledge they hold. Capturing smart things is always a good idea. And at workplace transitions, it’s essential in minimizing continuity gaps and costs.

Questions are at the core. The Duly Knowted tools—formatted and ready to go!—ask the questions that prompt, capture, and extend good information that could otherwise be lost or misplaced when people move on, move over, move up or move out.

Key process steps, customer insights, lessons learned, and more. All forms of smart things that a successor and others staying on—need. Using the tools, the Monday morning after the transition—everyone’s clearer on next steps forward.



Our workplaces—your organizations—are made up of employees (contributors) in motion. They’re…

• Moving ON to new teams and projects, and through work anniversaries…

• Moving UP with promotions…

• Moving OVER with transfers...

• Moving OUT with retirements, career shifts, and job changes…

Duly Knowted tools (all downloadable) are designed to use in five types of transitions.

Our Who’s Moving Capture Worksheet prompts you to assess and make a few notes— who is or soon could be moving? What do transitioning people know that you need to know about projects in progress, your best customers, where useful documents are filed? What information can be passed along to a successor?

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