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Sets include 22-25 interview-style questions that prompt a contributor (the transitioning person) to make short lists, respond to open-ended questions, or share examples. Questions focus on specific topics or reflect the contributor’s role. Comments are entered directly into the tool(s) that you’ve purchased and downloaded.

QS01 QUICK KNOWTES A shorter version of our other tools, designed for situations where the transitioning contributor is leaving on very short notice. It’s useful for most roles and touches on a range of topics.
Recommended worksheets: FIRST THINGS
QS02 CONTINUITY Two week notices don’t always arrive with much lead time. What gaps and cracks can be expected—and avoided—when the contributor leaves? What changes does the transition bring that need the attention of people staying on? What deadlines are imminent? What are customers expecting on their next orders?
Recommended worksheets: CALENDAR/FIRST THINGS
QS03 SUCCESSOR What will the person(s) assuming the contributor’s work tasks and responsibilities need to know? What should they be prepared for? What might surprise them? How can their learning curve be accelerated? Where will they find things? What are they arriving in the middle of?
Recommended worksheets: SCAVENGER HUNT
QS04 KEEPING THE OFFICE RUNNING An executive assistant or office manager’s departure can leave chaos! This question set offers questions and checklists for the OM or EA—and the people they keep organized.
Recommended worksheets: FIRST THINGS
QS05 MANAGER This tool is designed for the contributor who’s been around for a while; they might be something of a “go-to” person. H/she knows how things get done. It’s focus is Next Steps, with a good mix of Best Practices.
Recommended worksheets: FIRST THINGS/NETWORKING
QS06 NETWORKING In some situations, who someone knows is just as (or more) important than what they know. In combination with the networking worksheet, this tool taps information about the contributor’s internal and external networks, along with suggestions on networking methods.
QS07 SUPERVISOR The supervisor-contributor manages a team—day to day—responding to customer calls, and carrying out make-it-happen operational tasks. The supervisor is a problem solver, trainer, listener. When this person moves on, there’s much to pass along!
QS08 DEBRIEF Before the program or project team disbands, capture some of the highlights and lowlights. How do people feel about the outcomes? Did new best practices or process pieces emerge? What kinds of follow-up needs to happen, and when?
QS09 KNOWLEDGE CHECK When managers check in with their individual team members for annual or other reviews, make sure the topic of “learning” comes up. What’s been learned? How has what’s been learned made a difference? Based on the goals and work ahead, what types of training does this individual think will be helpful?



One-two page worksheets focus on one or two short tasks. They ask the contributor to annotate, list, or prioritize information they likely know and have opinions about.

WS01 FREE WORKSHEET Who’s leaving? Who could be leaving? A worksheet for managers to consider knowledge held by possible transferees, leave takers, job changers, promotees and contributors planning to retire.
WS02 FIRST THINGS A “top ten” worksheet for the contributor’s successor. Prompts comments on best first people to meet, discussions to schedule and files to review. Must-do things for the first days on the job.
WS03 SCAVENGER HUNT Where are things? Who owns what? Project files. Sample proposals. Key contact lists. Customer information. Instructions for developing a FIND IT HERE folder.
WS04 INBOUND-OUTBOUND Who COMES TO the contributor and for what types of information or help? Who does the contributor GO TO for information and help?
WS05 FAVORITE FAVORITES A recap of the contributor’s favorite templates, tools, You Tube videos, websites, apps, restaurants, external helpers.
WS06 CALENDAR Deal breaker dates. Formal and informal deadlines. Regular meetings. Monthly association lunches worth attending. Notes on the reports and summaries the person down the hall is expecting every Friday.



Instructions, suggestions, and templates for transition tasks that involve others on the team: documenting best practices, planning handoffs, and organizing project discussions.

AD01 PORTFOLIO PROJECT Instructions and suggestions for managers and transitioning contributors on assembling a project portfolio: examples of “brilliance” from several best projects or project pieces, and annotative notes.
AD02 PROJECT HANDOFF The way projects of all sizes are turned over to current or new team members involves organizing and passing along information on tasks in progress, communication routines, and document storage. Templates in this guide are used by the team working with a transitioning member to cover their bases.
AD03 FIVE CUSTOMERS What are some of the finer points this contributor has learned about selling to and working with five specific customers? (If you can, use this tool before this person leaves!) If your organization is not already using a CRM tool, comments on these questions are essential.
AD04 TALENT MANAGEMENT Use when a VP, team manager, coach, or supervisor is transitioning away. For five specific team members, what are their strengths and areas for improvement? Potentially, where can they be making contributions to the organization? What specific development opportunities would be useful?